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Minor for non-major in Landscape Studies

Students outside the professional program may choose the undergraduate minor (five courses, 15 credits) in cultural landscape studies to complement their major. A variety of courses consider the cultural landscape as an object, something to be studied for its own sake, and as a subject, as a means to understand society’s relationship to natural systems. The study of cultural landscapes also includes perceptions of landscapes, cultural ideas and values, and visible elements. Direct inquiries to Professor Sherene Baugher, Department of Landscape Architecture, 440 Kennedy Hall.


Choose five for a total of 15 credits.

  • LA 3600 - Pre-Industrial Cities and Towns in North America (crosslisted) *
  • LA 2610 - Fieldwork in Urban Archaeology (crosslisted) *
  • LA 2620 - Laboratory in Landscape Archaeology (crosslisted) *
  • LA 4830 - Seminar in Landscape Studies *
  • LA 4970 - Individual Study in Landscape Architecture
  • ARCH3821 - History of European Landscape Architecture
  • ARCH3822 - History of American Landscape Architecture
  • LA 5450 - The Parks and Fora of Imperial Rome
  • LA 7920 - Landscape Preservation: Theory and Practice

* Distribution elective