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Minor for non-major in Landscape Studies

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Students outside the professional program may choose the undergraduate minor in landscape studies to complement their major (five courses, 15 credits).  Landscape is a useful unifying and foundational concept to address pressing problems of coupled human-environmental systems at the threshold of profound environmental change. Exploring landscape as an eco-cultural artifact provides useful insights into a culture’s relationship to nature. Studies related to landscape and design can be useful complements to many areas of study!

Please fill out form and all direct inquiries to Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jamie Vanucchi (, Department of Landscape Architecture, 440 Kennedy Hall. 

Recommended Courses Include:

  • LA1410 Grounding in Landscape Architecture I (4cr)
  • LA1420 Grounding in Landscape Architecture II (4cr)
  • LA3170 Design and Environmental Systems (3cr)
  • LA3600 Pre-Industrial Cities and Towns in North America (3cr)
  • LA4830 Seminar in Landscape Studies (1cr)
  • LA5450 The Parks and Flora of Imperial Rome (3cr)
  • ARCH3821 History of European Landscape Architecture (3cr)
  • ARCH3822 History of American Landscape Architecture (3cr)

Check course listings for more possible offerings.