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Maria Goula


Associate Professor

440 kennedy hall
(607) 255-1802

Maria Goula is a licenced Architect (AUTH, Gr 1990) and a Landscape Architect (MLA 1996, ETSAB, UPC) with a PhD (2007, Dept. Regional Planning and Urban Design, School of Architecture of Barcelona, UPC) in Landscape Design Theory. For over 20 years she taught and worked professionally in Barcelona, Spain. She develops research on coastal tourism, especially in regard to the interpretation and reinvention of leisure patterns regarding coastal dynamics. Being herself a designer, she is mainly interested in translating interdisciplinary knowledge on the coast into design protocols. The spectrum of her research covers the history of Mediterranean coastal tourism and Landscape Architecture inquiry methods on the coast and leisure, internationally. She develops the former through landscape design studio and international design workshops, as well as with pioneer professional studies and planning experiences on the (Mediterranean) coast. Her research also relates to the elaboration of landscape cartographies in order to enrich planning policy making and design tools for resilient landscapes. Her experience is based on her work as a leading researcher for the creation of landscape specific cartographies for two Landscape Catalogues commissioned and coordinated by the Catalan Landscape Observatory: for the Lleida and Girona regions (the latter awarded by the National Territory Prize 2011 of the Institute of Catalan Studies), bridging the aims of the European Landscape Convention and at the same being compliant with the Catalan regional Planning objectives. She is now working on a research project of mapping the landscapes related with the Erie Canal, a heritage corridor of the State of New York. Maria is considered an expert in Mediterranean semiarid ordinary landscapes, a term she coined in her doctoral thesis, where she investigated how a particular application of design traditions in combination with conventional environmental values and practices have excluded certain kind of dynamic landscapes, such as torrents. With her research on contemporary urban design, on contemporary cartography tactics, with the direction of six PhD candidates, and more over, with collaborative and participative pioneer design work, she is working on reversing the attitude of design disciplines towards the aforementioned landscapes. She is a foundation member of the scientific and organizing committee of the European/ International Landscape Biennial of Barcelona since 2000, a disciplinary event that gathers ground-breaking professionals and academics and it is considered as one of the most important platforms for Landscape Architecture worldwide. Also, she is an Adjunct Researcher of the Institute for Research on Habitat, Territory and Tourism, IHTT, by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and Universidad of Malaga, Last but not least, Maria is member of the Board of Foundation Landscape Architecture Europe-LAE, Wageningen, Netherlands, as well as a member of the Board of the Journal of Landscape [JOLA] and of "paiseaDos” Landscape Journal.

Research Focus

Landscape frameworks for resilient city policies: reshaping coastal urban environments_ Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Collaboration with UN–Habitat, Cities Resilience Profiling Program. The first outcomes of the research were published in the UN booklet and presented in the Habitat 3 Conference in Quito, October 2016.

Awards and Honors

  • -1st Award International Competition "Collserola gates, an initiative to highlight the natural park and introduce nature to the city. 15th gate Ciutat Meridiana”. (2012) Municipality of Barcelona, Spain
  • -1st Award International Competition "Project: Green Corridor Cerdanyola." (2009) Consortium, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona.
  • Special mention as an educator for the teaching period (2009) Agencia Catalana Universitaria (ACU), independent external state University evalution Agency.
  • Represented Catalonia_4th Ed. Intern. Garden Fest Metis. Canada (2003) Generalitat de Catalonia, Spain