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Daniel Krall

Professor Emeritus

I have two major professional objectives. One is to continue teaching landscape architecture to undergraduate and graduate students in the Cornell Department of Landscape Architecture in order to educate and inspire future leaders and designers for the profession. My second goal is to carry out additional research on the early history of the landscape architecture profession with a special focus on the role of women designers.

Research Focus

My research focuses on various topics within the history of the landscape architectural profession. One is the history of landscape architectural education with a particular focus on the program at Cornell. Another is the role of early women practitioners in the profession.

Teaching Focus

My teaching focus is the design and graphic expression of landscape design to sophomore undergraduates and first year graduates. I also conduct a graduate seminar in landscape preservation.

The focus of my teaching effort has been the introduction of design theory and development to undergraduate sophomores and first year graduate students. I also lead a graduate seminar in landscape preservation.