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Graduate field of Landscape Architecture:  alumni and students design with impact

Landscape Architecture graduate students refine their practice individually and within teams, bringing projects to life. Learn more about the benefits of Cornell's landscape architecture program, what inspires the students and alumni, and what impact they are having.


Adriana Hidalgo

Master of Landscape Architecture '19

“I will be working for Stantec in NYC which is an international multidisciplinary design and consulting firm. I interned for the NY office during the AAP NYC semester and worked hard to earn a job offer after graduation! I am really excited. I think that my drive and thoughtfulness was key to my internship transforming into a full-time job.”

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Jiamin Jasmine Chen

Master of Landscape Architecture '19

“I am much more confident in my own abilities to design. I came to see that my contributions are useful and valued by the department and the communities that I work with. I have also discovered my sensitivities to landscape poetics and how influential it is on my designs. It is something that will stay with me well beyond the program.”

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Marco Rangel

Marco Rangel

Master of Landscape Architecture

"The landscape architecture faculty have been wholeheartedly supportive and influential throughout my time in the program, whether that be through fostering space for one-on-one conversation or providing insight and recommendations for professional practice."

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Rambod Mirbaha

Master of Landscape Architecture '19

“Students have the option to do “Design Connect” which is a non-profit, student organization. Design Connect focuses on involvement with communities in Upstate New York.  As a team member and project manager of two projects with Design Connect, I had one of my most rewarding moments when I made meaningful connections with community members, working on projects that truly helped improve their lifestyle and environment.”

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