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Welcome to the Department of Landscape Architecture

Since 1904, the Department of Landscape Architecture at Cornell University has challenged students to be responsible, creative designers and to develop innovative, site-appropriate solution that enhance aesthetics and value.

Students working in the studio

Cornell University offers accredited, license-qualifying Landscape Architecture degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The undergraduate Landscape Architecture degree is the only one of its kind in the Ivy League. Both academic programs provide a sound grounding in theory and technology, which is put into practice through the design studio and related courses. 

Landscape architects play a variety of roles, ranging from designer to land-use mediator to conservationist. The Department of Landscape Architecture at Cornell views the art of landscape design as an expression of cultural values reinforced by many related disciplines.

Due to its unique place within the university, the Department of Landscape Architecture promotes interaction with other academic fields, including horticulture, architecture, city and regional planning, and fine arts.

Thank you for your interest in our Department. We look forward to meeting with you.

Tim Baird, Chair